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The Yoga of Swami Dev Murti Ji
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The primary objective of this website is to make The Yoga of Swami Dev Murti Ji available to everyone via the internet.  The fundamental design principle of this website is to keep it simple.  Therefore, there will be only text, photographs, and a few short videos.  However, there will not be any complex or advanced html features or functions.  There will be regular updates, either monthly or whenever required.

If you have any suggestions for improvements to this website then please contact me.

Dedicated to Swami Dev Murti Ji
20 March 19??  –  27 September 2009
Swami Dev Murti International Yoga Centre
Highfield, Lenham, Kent, ME17 2EX, United Kingdom

© Hari Om Shri 1008 Himalayan Yog Maharishi
Ayurveda Acharya Swami Dev Murti Ji
© Jack K Boulton and John R More
© Bhavin Desai


New Yoga Course
[2013] Yoga Course

For the following YouTube video:
[1999] Swami Dev Murti Ji – Yoga Lecture in London UK
a collaborative translation from Hindi to English is provided here:
[1999] Swami Dev Murti Ji – Yoga Lecture in London UK – YouTube – Translation

2009 Swami Dev Murti Ji, Lecture at Garabitov Center, Plovdiv, Bulgaria:
[2009] Swami Dev Murti Ji – Lecture at Garabitov Center – Plovdiv, Bulgaria

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The portrait photograph above, signed by Swami Dev Murti Ji, was taken by Peter Lovelock in 1985.

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